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Today I See You

This post was written by author Amy Kemp, who has been my mentor and friend for over a decade. Visit amykemp.com for more information.

Today I See You.

For more than twenty years, the mission of my work has been the development and support of women. A recent conversation I had with a local female leader reminded me why this targeted investment in women is so needed. 

It also reinforced the purpose of my first book that launches today, February 29, 2024, and it inspired the title. Allow me to share more about this brief, fated interaction. A mutual friend introduced me to this leader at a local networking event, and I sincerely enjoyed the brief conversation she and I shared, so I reached out and invited her to join me for a cup of coffee. 

For about an hour, she shared with me all about her professional and personal journey, which was filled with impressive accolades and accomplishments. Her decisions impact the lives of hundreds of people every day, she has a seat at some tables that have a significant influence on the health and future of our community, and she mixes all of her professional responsibilities in with a busy family life as well. From the outside, this woman has it all together. 

After sharing her story, she looked me straight in the eye, and with a touch of skepticism, she asked me why I had invited her for coffee. I met her gaze straight on and said the first words that came to my mind: “Because I see you. I really see you.” 

She put her face in her hands right in the middle of that busy coffee shop and silently but sincerely wept… for what felt like a long time. I let her. She very obviously needed it. When she finally paused and caught her breath, she looked up at me, wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, and said, 

“So few people do. Thank you.”

I know. That’s why I wrote this book and again, this is why it is titled I See You

It is not a book full of quick tips and strategies. I am not writing from a position of authority, swooping in to impart my sage wisdom upon you; in fact, I’m not even here to position myself as the expert teacher and you as the student. You are all experts in your own right, even if you don’t know it yet.  

Women like you and this new friend I met for coffee don’t need a complete system overhaul. You may need some updates to the way you think, which we will work through together, but more than anything, you need to know that someone sees you… someone sees all of you. 

If this is intriguing to you, when you start reading, I hope you feel like you are sitting in an intimate one-on-one coaching session with me. I am your personal guide, humbled and honored to be along for the journey. 

More than anything, I know that your families, your places of work and businesses, your communities, and our entire world need you at your best. When women are healthy and confident, everyone wins. 

Today, and every day… I see you.  

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