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Guide to Abide

The guide to abide came as a result of frustration in my faith life… 

I heard the way other people talked about intimacy with God and a thriving relationship with Holy Spirit, but I didn’t have that. I was doing all the things I was taught to do in my faith, but something was missing. And even though I had a daily devotional routine, something about it didn’t quite fit me. 

I knew there was something more. And I wanted it. If you’ve ever felt this way, this guide to abide is for you. It’s not prescriptive and it won’t solve all your problems, but it’s a great starting point to develop a devotional routine that allows you to connect with God in the way you were created to.

The guide to abide is a free 5-day devotional workbook that explores different ways you can connect with God and learn what it means to “abide in Christ.” Each day focuses on a different aspect of a thriving devotional life! Begin by exploring the presence of God, prayer, and worship, setting aside your previous assumptions to think about them in a new way. Then dive into Scripture and Sabbath, and see how these aspects of faith draw you in to dwell with Holy Spirit.

“My goal in creating this resource was to offer you freedom and joy as you focus on your faith more without judgment or guilt. Whether you’re looking for a freshness in your faith, to kickstart a new devotional rhythm, or are seeking Jesus for the first time, I pray it will be a benefit to you!”

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