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Today I Sang Karaoke

Today I sang karaoke. 

For the first time in my 32-year-old life, I sang karaoke. And it was SO much FUN!

I didn’t realize how much my body needed to have fun like this. 

I consider myself a pretty fun person. I enjoy going to DisneyWorld, riding roller coasters, dancing, playing games with friends, telling jokes and speaking in puns, and just generally having fun. I’m also a pretty deep thinker, but for me, that’s fun, too! I love studying and researching, thinking about logic and reason and philosophy. I like analyzing people and the way they think and act. I love to learn history and how it has impacted the world. For me, this is fun!

The “thinking” kind of fun exists primarily in my mind, not in my body. So today, after a game of music trivia in which I jumped up every time I knew the answer, followed by a sing-along style karaoke session, my body felt the fun. 

I had this moment of realization once the games were done and I began to wind down for the evening. As I sat in silence with the microphone put away, I could feel the adrenaline lingering in my body. I felt the heat in my cheeks that warmed from all eyes being on me. I realized my body had felt the activity more than my brain had. It wasn’t bad, just unusual. It had been awhile since I had felt fun in a physical sense. 

When I was a kid I embraced fun in different ways than I do now. I would bike, play with legos and dolls, color, and hula hoop. As a teenager fun looked like cheerleading, summer camp, and computer games. Then in early adulthood, my fun was traveling, going to concerts, and being outside. Now, I just have a lot of fun inside my head! I still spend time outside, bike, travel, and do puzzles, but I also read, write, dream, and have great conversations with friends; the latter of which isn’t felt in my body. 

When was the last time you did something fun in your body? When did you last dance while cooking or sing at the top of your lungs in the car? What does fun look like for you? How often do you have fun?

Today I sang karaoke. It was fun

I invite you today to have fun, too!

Thanks for making this a part of your day!
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