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Today I Sat Quietly

Today I sat quietly. I turned off the TV and put away my phone. I closed the books and set my journal aside. I sat quietly, with nothing but my mind and Holy Spirit.  It’s so easy to get distracted by all-the-things.  If you’re like me, you crave purpose and understanding. You want to know […]

Today I Drove Slow

Today I drove slow.  I took the slow lane of the interstate, on purpose.  I was midway through my two-hour drive, most of which was on the interstate, when the Google Maps voice said, “We’ve found an alternate route which is six minutes faster.” Normally I would click “accept” before she finished her sentence, but […]

Today I Was Overwhelmed

Today I was overwhelmed.  I was overwhelmed with all the unknowns of my future.  When I was younger, I was an incessant planner. I remember getting my first planner in school in 5th grade. It came standard from the school; a place to keep track of assignments and due dates to prepare for middle school […]

Today I Got Sweaty

Today I got sweaty. I was nervous, and my body reacted by sweating profusely.  I saw a contest pop up on my social media feed this week that I decided to enter. It is an opportunity for me to speak on a stage far outside my comfort zone, and I knew immediately I wanted to […]

Today I Made Biscuits

Today I made biscuits. I followed the recipe on the Bisquick box to make fluffy, flaky biscuits. But that wasn’t my intention. I began by wanting to make sheet pan pancakes. I was craving pancakes and knew that standing over the griddle wasn’t possible for this particular morning due to my schedule. Luckily, there’s plenty […]

Today I See You

This post was written by author Amy Kemp, who has been my mentor and friend for over a decade. Visit amykemp.com for more information. Today I See You. For more than twenty years, the mission of my work has been the development and support of women. A recent conversation I had with a local female […]

Today I Sang Karaoke

Today I sang karaoke.  For the first time in my 32-year-old life, I sang karaoke. And it was SO much FUN! I didn’t realize how much my body needed to have fun like this.  I consider myself a pretty fun person. I enjoy going to DisneyWorld, riding roller coasters, dancing, playing games with friends, telling […]

Today Was Graduation

Today was graduation. It was the graduation ceremony of Full Sail University where my niece received her diploma.  But before I tell you about how this relates to being “present in the moment” like my usual Today I posts, let me give you some context. Full Sail does graduation unlike any other! This makes sense, […]

Today I Was Known

Today I was known.  I was heard and I was understood. Have you ever heard the phrase, “To be known is to be loved?” I have heard this sporadically throughout my life, but I didn’t know the context for it until just this week. I assumed it was from Shakespeare or another writer of old. […]

Today I Argued With God

Today I argued with God.  I disagreed with the Creator of the universe. Bold, I know.  I sat down to choose my Word of the Year for 2024. This is the third year I’ve chosen a word, and with the help of Legacy Roots Co guide, choosing a word for my year has really helped […]