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Today I Collaborated

Today I collaborated.  My friend Cyndi and I collaborated on a writing project.  Cyndi and I are newer friends. We met less than a year ago in an online writing group. She released her first book, Princess in Progress, just a few months before I released my first devotional, The Way of Gratitude. One day, […]

Today Was Revival, Part 3

Today was revival. I preached a three day children’s revival.  Someone asked me, “A children’s revival? How does that work?” I’ll admit, I was a little confused by their question. Were they asking what the order of service was? Were they wondering if children pray at an altar like adults do? Or did they just […]

Today Was Revival, Part 2

Today was revival. I preached a three day children’s revival.  It’s always a privilege to share the Word of God, but there’s something even more special when I get to spend a few days sharing it with the same group. This gives me the opportunity to learn more about the people I’m preaching to and […]

Today Was Revival, Part 1

Today was revival. I preached a three day children’s revival. My first full-time ministry job was in Family Ministries, and although I spend most of my time now teaching teens and adults, kids still have a special place in my heart. I believe theology begins at birth, and that the kingdom of God is not […]

Today Was Simple

Today was simple. It was a simple Saturday. I began the day by sleeping in, which was much needed after a busy week! I woke up and lounged in bed enjoying the slow start to my day. Finally I got up and enjoyed a nice cup of espresso at about 10am.  I’ve always been more […]

Today I Cleaned

Today I cleaned. I cleaned my whole house! Well, to be clear, my husband did most of the cleaning. He likes to do the deep cleaning projects sporadically whereas I prefer a little tidying every day. It’s springtime, and even though we have a small home in Florida, it can easily get cluttered throughout the […]

Today I Was Coached

Today I was coached. I had a coaching call with a new business coach. I am not new to coaching – in fact I’ve been in three different formal coaching groups over the past decade! I have found immense value in coaching. The accountability provided, the insights gained from others, and the given permission for […]

Today I Saw Dolphins

Today I saw dolphins! I’ve lived in Florida for almost two years and finally saw a pod of dolphins swim by.  I’ve heard about all the wildlife that’s seen in the area I live–alligators, wild boars, manatees, sea turtles, sharks, and whales depending on the season. But even though I’ve spent a lot of time […]

Today I Sat Quietly

Today I sat quietly. I turned off the TV and put away my phone. I closed the books and set my journal aside. I sat quietly, with nothing but my mind and Holy Spirit.  It’s so easy to get distracted by all-the-things.  If you’re like me, you crave purpose and understanding. You want to know […]

Today I Drove Slow

Today I drove slow.  I took the slow lane of the interstate, on purpose.  I was midway through my two-hour drive, most of which was on the interstate, when the Google Maps voice said, “We’ve found an alternate route which is six minutes faster.” Normally I would click “accept” before she finished her sentence, but […]