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Today I Challenged My Body

This post was written by Rachel Clare Rodriguez, founder and owner of Inspira: The Lifestyle Brand.

Today I challenged my body.

Challenging my body is paramount to me, and it’s been months since I’ve challenged myself

I’ve always been an athlete and enjoy challenging my body. I became a mom nearly six months
ago, and I told myself that after my six-week follow-up, I would get back into moving my body
and being active. I wanted to build my strength and endurance back up and set new goals.

As a new mom, it is much easier said than done to make time for your body and soul and
therapeutically exercise. I take walks daily with my baby boy and sometimes bring my dog.
Every time I go for a walk, it doesn’t matter if it’s for half a mile or two miles; I always feel
motivated, energized, and stronger physically and mentally.

Today, I challenged my body further. I woke up before the sun came peeking through, before my
son awoke, and before it was time to greet emails.

I threw on my favorite set from my company, Inspira: The Lifestyle Brand, including our
Empower Adjustable Sports Bra and Empower Leggings, along with our best-selling Jumpstart
Zip-Up Jacket
, and jumped right into a full-body, body-weight 30-minute workout.

I felt challenged, stronger, and inspired. Ultimately, after 30 powerful minutes, I felt like my best
self—the best mom, the best wife, and the best entrepreneur—all because I challenged my

When I make time to be active and challenge myself, my endorphins are at their best, allowing
me to feel my best.

Today I learned that challenging my body for 30 minutes ultimately improves me, allowing each
area of my life to perform better.

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