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Today I Was Sick

Today I was sick.

I’ve had a sore throat, congestion, and runny nose for two days now. 

My husband woke up sick a few days ago, so I assumed it would be coming. But there’s one symptom that I’m missing in this cold: I don’t have a fever. This is very unusual for me. Normally a fever is one of my first symptoms; I’ll even have a fever when my allergies are bad! 

I don’t have a fever today, though. And because of this, even though I’m sick I am well enough

I’m well enough to work. I can still focus. My mind is still active. My body can still move. I have enough energy to take care of myself. Usually when I’m sick, I try to not worry too much about what gets done. I prioritize rest so I can more quickly recover and get back to my normal routine. If I feel well enough to load the dishwasher, then I will. If I only have enough strength to pour myself another cup of tea, then that’s fine, too. Today I wasn’t too tired though. I was able to write, read, research, and do some work from the comfort of my couch in a nest of blankets. 

So was it a waste of a sick day, or was it a waste of a work day? I was well enough to get some work done, but I wouldn’t call it my best work or most productive day. I was well enough that I didn’t prioritize rest to heal, focused on laying in bed, watching movies, drinking gatorade and eating chicken noodle soup. So it wasn’t a very good work day, and it wasn’t a very good sick day. I was well enough that I landed right in between. 

The in-between is where I often find myself. Not just with my health, but in so many things. I try to remember it’s a good place to be. 

Really, it’s the best place to be. 

The in-between is a place of progress and rest. I’m choosing to embrace this dichotomy, not only on a sick day but in many things in life. There are some absolutes, but more often than not, the spaces I want to live my life are in this in-between. Not rich, but not poor. Not hungry, but not gluttonous. Not radical, but not passive. Not guilty, but not proud. Not drunk, but not abstaining. Not dumb, but not a know-it-all. Not right, but not wrong. 

Not right, but not wrong. 

I don’t want to be more right than I am loving. I don’t want to be more right than I am empathetic. I want to be in the in-between. In the space of caring, for self and for others.

It begins here, on a sick day, when I embrace productivity and rest at the same time. 

Today I was sick. I had a cold. 

I was well enough. 

Thanks for making this a part of your day!
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  1. I have chronic autoimmune diseases, so I am sick every day. I just have to make the choice not to let my illnesses keep me from functioning. I able to watch the children before school at the Catholic School and this gives me purpose to get up and out the door every school day.

  2. My first thought was that I hate the in between but as I read further, I found myself agreeing-it’s a great place to be, actually.

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