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When you go on a mission trip, to church camp, to a worship conference, or even just to regular Sunday morning service, there’s an expectation that you’ll meet with God.

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Sabbath on a Mission Trip

If you’ve been around my corner of the internet for even a few days, you’ve probably read something about slowing down, rest, or Sabbath. This is perhaps the only spiritual

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I’ve been in Costa Rica for one week now, and I’ve noticed a few things seem to be loved no matter the culture: Wednesday is BOGO day at one of

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Everything in Costa Rica is beautiful. At every turn there’s a mountain, tree canopy, cotton candy clouds, and vibrant flowers.  Yet I’m still amazed at the neverending gifts of God

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Guava Bread

My friend Ute and I walked to a local bakery to pick up a variety of sweet breads. One was filled with cream cheese and sprinkled with coarse sugar. One

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I woke up and had one of my favorite breakfasts – empanadas!  One of the things I remember most from my time in Costa Rica last October was the food.

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Walking through San Ramón I saw a nurse heading into the hospital for work. She was about my age. White scrubs. Long blonde balayage hair in a high ponytail with

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Less than three hours in the country and already beautiful things are happening! Our flight was smooth; about three hours with little turbulence. The in-flight snacks were tasty. And even

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Plane & Simple

I love planes! I love flying. I love the energy of the airport, full of curious and excited people ready for adventure! The restaurants and shops are so fun, too,

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