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21 Days of Gratitude Challenge

join me!

21 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Welcome to the 

21 Days of Gratitude Challenge!

I’m so excited to bring to you this gratitude-challenge-meets-book-club to help you focus on what truly matters this Thanksgiving season. 

Join me and a few of my friends starting November 3 for 21 Days of simple, daily encouragement. We will be sharing a short devotional from The Way of Gratitude each day and a few additional free resources to support your life and faith! Join the challenge for daily encouragement, accountability, community, and more!

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Why should I join the challenge?

November marks the beginning of the holiday season, a time when people are simultaneously thinking about Thanksgiving and what they’re grateful for AND the demanding hustle and bustle of hosting and gift-giving. Taking just a few minutes each day will help recenter your mind, reminding you what truly matters in your life and faith.

What do I get for joining the challenge?

  • Daily email for encouragement and accountability
  • Virtual book club community
  • 21 day tracking sheet and extra journaling pages
  • BONUS gratitude coloring & reflection page from Scripturedoodle
  • BONUS gratitude affirmations pages
  • BONUS excerpt of the book [re]build: Moving Past Fear to Find Purpose
  • BONUS Chama Capital curated list of funding opportunities for your business
  • BONUS 101 Ideas To Do On Your Sabbath guide
  • BONUS virtual or in-person Holy Yoga class

How do I register?

Register for the challenge below. I’ll be giving away one copy of my book and you’re automatically signed up to win when you register!

I'm signed up! Now what do i do?

  • Order your copy of The Way of Gratitude available in Paperback or eBook (if you win the giveaway, you will be reimbursed or can share your copy with a friend)
  • Download the tracking sheet and extra journaling pages
  • Share with a friend and invite them to join the challenge

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