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My word of the year:

Typically when we introduce ourselves to someone new, we begin with our name and career. What we do is so deeply connected to our value that we often don’t even remember someone’s name upon meeting them. Instead, we remember where they work or what their job is.

But our value is not found in what we do.
Our identity is more than our business cards.

I’m a writer, speaker, encourager, and lover of people. This is what I do. And while these aspects of my life are valuable, they are not what define my value. My worth is independent of my actions. This simple truth is at the center of my passion and the reason I’m sharing this space with you.

I Aim to Provide. . .


By understanding the issues essential to salvation, secondary issues, and tertiary issues, we can find both common ground and freedom in worship as we pursue clarity.


Many voices talk about Christian living, and all can be useful at various times in our faith journey. Knowing which ones to listen to, learn from, and follow means we must understand each voice's context as we seek truth.


An important phrase which is not spoken aloud nearly enough: "It’s all going to be okay." You are going to be okay.



Being grateful for the capacity to expand our minds, admitting when we are or were wrong, and listening to understand and grow - the true definition of success in life.



The simplicity of exploring actionable steps of a faith-walk builds confidence, allowing us to pursue Jesus without wondering if we're "doing it right." Here, we find freedom to focus on Him.

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